Senior Sunday with Alayna ~ Class of 2018

Alayna’s morning session was filled with gorgeous sunlight. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! Alayna and her mom brought some great ideas for locations to her senior portrait session. As her session drew closer we discussed some options, one being her grandparent’s farm. And another spot we lucked out on!

We met first at the farm which proved to be amazing for Alayna’s session. I love old barns and anytime someone suggests having pictures taken at an old farm I am giddy with excitement. There is just something about them I am drawn to. Nostalgia maybe. Or perhaps my old soul. I love the history of them. How they were built. Their unique structure and materials used to put them together. Were they used for cows? Horses? What animals lived and thrived inside.

Alayna chose outfits that worked beautifully with the barn backdrop and fields full of tall grasses. We had a hint of a breeze which helped to lightly toss Alayna’s hair around. A look I love! That light and airy look!

Even though I could have photographed Alayna entirely at her grandparent’s farm, we moved on to a special location her mom managed to access through a friend. The owner’s of this property were kind enough to allow for us to venture around their stunning landscaped yard. Years of hard work creating gorgeous flower beds were apparent everywhere we went.

It was a special time to spend with Alayna and her mom so capturing a few of them together was really important to me. They are very close and even though a few tears showed up in her mom’s eyes during Alayna’s portrait session they were tears of happiness, pride, and love.

Alayna, you are beautiful not only on the outside but inside too. Your beauty, big heart and kind soul shines through in each and every picture. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful portrait session!






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