Bride Tip: Try on your dress before your wedding day!

A big part of creating a blog with my website was to of course showcase my work but really to offer tips, suggestions and guidance to my clients. And for my AEbrides I absolutely want to serve them the best I can and not just by photographing their wedding day! I want to be a source of information to them so that their wedding day runs smooth, no issues arise and everyone is at ease. In a perfect world that would be delightful. Yet, I have photographed nearly 100 weddings and I will tell you this. Each wedding is unique, amazing and beautiful. But issues come up. Stress levels rise.  And there is always that one groomsmen who is either a menace to the wedding party or becomes the life of the party.

One of the best things I began doing for my couples is creating a timeline of their wedding day. I will blog more about this another time but let’s just say the mom’s and brides appreciate this timeline more than I ever thought possible. They thank me and breathe a sigh of relief seeing a schedule for them to go by. It’s a huge weight off everyone’s shoulders knowing where they are supposed to be throughout the day! When I put together a timeline I create a run down of how I envision their wedding day will play out. From the getting ready locations with beginning and ending times, when pictures begin for the groomsmen, duration of formal family pictures after the wedding ceremony, time the wedding party should arrive to the reception and suggested times for cutting of the cake, toasts, and first dances.

But here’s a thought. How long will it actually take you to put your wedding dress on? Have you practiced since you purchased your dress or is it hidden safely away until your wedding? Any girl that has attended her prom knows this process. They can’t wait for their prom day and try on their prom dress at least a handful of times before hand! So why would it be anything different as a bride? Believe me, knowing exactly how your dress goes on will save everyone, you included, less stress and anxiety!

Brides do this. Try on your dress once or twice 2-4 weeks before your wedding day. Have one of your bridesmaids help you. A corset back will take longer than a zippered or buttoned back. Be sure who ever is helping with your dress knows exactly how your dress goes on and fits correctly. Hopefully they were with you when you bought and were fitted in your dress!  Be sure to sit down in a chair after your dress is on to see how it feels especially if you are wearing a corset styled dress. Your dress might feel and fit great standing up but what happens when you sit down?  If you have a dress that buttons up the back be sure to pack a crochet hook into your wedding day survival bag. This will save you valuable time looping buttons through teeny-tiny button loops.

I have experienced tension rising when problems occur with not knowing how to lace up and tighten a corset backed dress. When this happens it cuts into our timeline and running the risk of losing out on valuable pictures. I always assure my brides we are fine with time to calm them down because I know they are feeling rushed and anxious before the ceremony. By preventing these stressful moments in your day you will feel more at ease and enjoy each and every moment so much more!




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