Senior portrait session: Prep 101

Senior picture season officially begins the first part of July! Senior pictures are an exciting time to look forward to in your life. It truly marks the beginning of your senior year and reality sets in a bit that THIS IS IT. Here we go entering our twelfth year! I’m willing to bet thoughts of modeling in front of a camera brings on a bit of anxiety too! But it doesn’t have to be like that! With your senior portrait session fast approaching let’s think about how to prepare! Nerves aside, here are some tips to get you ready for your senior portrait session! 


If your hair is in need of a trim or color, don’t schedule these the day before your photo session. In other words, don’t do anything drastic to your hair days leading up to your session!! Save that for after your photo session! But if you need to have your roots touched up or a have those split ends trimmed do this at least 1-2 weeks before your picture date.


This means with water only! No coffee, pop or energy drink! A rule to go by with how much water to drink? Divide your body weight in half and that will be the number of ounces of water you want to consume EVERY day! Skin will look dry and dehydrated if you aren’t drinking enough water! This will also help with how make up will adhere to your skin! I know young skin is glowing skin, but hydrated skin looks fresh and healthy. You’ll thank me for this tip later on in life! Trust me. Start this habit now by drinking gallons of water!


I’m willing to bet your senior pictures will be a great excuse to buy some new clothes!! If you go shopping for outfits to wear for your pictures, pick outfits that CHOOSE you! Don’t buy an outfit because it’s “in style” or is what “everyone else is wearing”! Go with what makes you feel the most comfortable! Even if it’s your favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans and a cozy sweater! There’s nothing worse than wearing an outfit you don’t feel like yourself in or you wear a color you would normally never wear! Trust your gut and go with what makes YOU feel your most beautiful! 


If you’re on the fence on whether you should schedule a hair and make up appointment on the day of your session please consider it!!! Nerves will get the best of you on your session date and there’s nothing worse than panicking over how you want to curl your hair or applying a foundation color that makes you look orange. Leave that all up to an expert who will style your hair and apply make up professionally. Choose a stylist your friends rave about! Stay with one that will keep your hair style looking as natural as possible and won’t go spraying your hair with Aqua Net and giving you an 80’s big hair look! I can suggest a couple local hair and make up artists I tell all my clients to go to! Please note, having make up done by a professional is completely up to you! I generally encourage girls to do this only because adding a bit of extra make up to your face will enhance your photos! Foundation works wonders to cover up any skin imperfections or blemishes. A bit of eye shadow and mascara will make your eyes pop! But remember, less is more!


Try on your outfits you plan to wear at least 2-3 days before your session date. Make sure you know what shoes you will wear with each outfit or what accessories you will wear. Consider adding a cute hat or scarf to an outfit. Most importantly ladies, make sure you know what undergarments you will wear under each outfit. I have seen so many girls struggle with this and having bra strap problems in certain instances!!! And then they feel self-conscious which will show up in pictures!  If you’re going to wear a strapless dress or have a tank top that needs a bra but the straps of your bra show through, bring along a strapless bra and/or a cute bralette! A favorite online store I love for cute bra-lattes is Three Bird Nest or American Eagle or Gliks has some cute ones too! Put all your outfits together and bring them to your session on hangers! Iron or steam them to make sure they aren’t wrinkled. If you are bringing along some props such as a softball, volleyball, basketball, dance shoes, medals, track shoes, etc. make sure those are thrown into a bag to bring to your session!


Who will accompany you on your session date? Mom? Sister? BFF? Bring someone along to help you especially  someone who KNOWS you and will calm your nerves. They will help you to laugh! They will be your person and be honest with you on how you look or whether a pose is “not you” and give you honest feedback. They’ll be the one to fix your crazy bra straps or smooth out your eyebrows or pick food out of your teeth! If you someone can’t tag along with you, no worries, I’ll have an assistant with me!


If you are a country girl then by all means choose a spot with a barn or field as a backdrop, not a downtown location(because all your friends are doing that). If it’s a family property let’s go there. If you love the beach, then by all means let’s go there too! If you play volleyball let’s find a volleyball net for you to pose with and get some action shots! If you want to include a favorite four legged pal along, I’ll be sure to bring along some enticing treats for them! 


Relax. We are going to have fun. I’ve been told I am a very relaxing and comforting person to be around not to mention, funny, and probably goofy too. I just have a laid back personality, one that cares and will take great care of you. I’ll never be intimidating. I’ll never make you feel uncomfortable. And if I do, speak up! I’m a great reader of people and if I feel they are not up for certain poses I’ll never make you do them. We’re in this together and I’ve got your back. My goal is for you to have an enjoyable time with me and to have some amazing senior pictures taken of you! 




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