5 tips to finding your wedding day photographer

What’s the number one thing you consider when you’re searching for the perfect wedding photographer? Is it price, style, location, personality, experience, reviews or a little bit of everything? If you’re researching wedding photographers you’ve probably come to the realization that it can be a little overwhelming at times and I’m here to help you in your search with my 5 best tips on finding the perfect photographer to document your beautiful and memorable day!

A website is their resume….

1. Do they have a website? I can’t imagine NOT having one. 75% of my inquiries come directly from my site’s contact form. It’s like my online resume showcasing my favorite work, a little about me, photography services I offer and how to contact me.  While you are viewing a photographer’s site do you fall in love with not only their photos but also their style? Are you feeling like you have already connected with them just by surfing through their site? Are you excited to get in touch with them?

They better get in touch…..

2. Make sure that when you hit send on that contact form they get right back to you! There’s nothing worse than being made to feel like your inquiry doesn’t matter and they’re too busy for you. No response within 48 hours? Move on…

Of course it’s an investment…..

3. Is their pricing too good to be true? Wedding photography is an investment and will come with a price tag. But think about it. After your wedding day ends what do you have left to remember your day by besides memories and left over cake? Your pictures!! Wedding photographers charge what they do for so many reasons. I could go on about why we charge what we do but here’s the thing. Hiring a photographer to document your day is a luxury service. It’s a need AND a want for your once in a lifetime day. You NEED these memories to be documented and you WANT these photos to remember and to show your children one day and pass on to generations to come. Your photos WILL increase in value over time!!! So if you are quoted $800 for a full day of coverage, perhaps rethink who it is you’re actually investing in. 

Can I be your BFF?

4. Do you connect with this person? Once you meet, either via a Zoom call or a coffee date, how are you feeling in their presence? Do any red flags pop up? Does their upbeat, bubbly emails suddenly not match who they are in person? If you don’t connect with them, just remember this person spends a better part of your wedding day with you. They need to feel like your BFF, and not the elephant in the room.

Have camera, will travel…..

5. Where are they located and how does that affect where you’re having your wedding? Are they willing to travel and if so do they have travel expenses you need to be aware of? Make sure they quote you what those extra fees will be so there aren’t surprises later.

Don’t forget this…..

Bonus tip! Alot of couples forget to ask this because they are so caught up in discussing how excited they are to have their engagement pictures taken and all the photos on their wedding day! Be sure to understand what happens AFTER the wedding. Do they explain the process of how you will receive your wedding photos? Online photo gallery and/or a usb? And how long before you will have your photos? 4-6 weeks is the norm for delivery of your photos. Anything longer than 3 months is unacceptable.




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