Letters & handwritten vows

Here’s something you may consider doing on your wedding day!
Besides having a first look have you thought about reading letters to your soon to be spouse or even better, reading your handwritten vows?

Talk about raw, emotional and memorable moments between the two of you. And all captured in pictures to remember exactly how you felt during this private time together before you even walk down the aisle.

To have this quiet time together and look into each other’s eyes. To savor and lock these moments in your mind plus forever in your hearts.

Not going to lie and tell you I have never captured moments like these and NOT shed tears myself. Because I get choked up over this kind of stuff!

It’s so beautiful. Raw. Unscripted. Candid. Real moments you will forever remember.

Right after your first look go ahead and read your handwritten letters to each other or share your vows with each other during this quiet time in a private space.

I know without a doubt these will be some of your very favorite photos to look back on!




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