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I'm the youngest of three. "The baby of the family." My big sister is also a photographer. We could talk for hours straight about photography. And our cats while sipping wine and eating Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. She photographed my wedding in 2014 and documented my husband and me saying our I Do's under an elm tree in a hay field. I wore cute cowboy boots. Of course I had a Pinterest board! It rained. Everyone was soaked! But we didn't care. It made our wedding day that much more memorable. I gained a stepdaughter and stepson on that day joining my son and daughter and between our four kids' busy schedule of high school and college life - things get a little crazy. Add in three rambunctious, slightly neurotic canines and two more fur babies, our cats - it's never a dull moment. 

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Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.

my faves


Sit me down in front of a sunset and I'm mesmerized by how beautiful the sky changes in color. It's truly a magical sight to see!

As I was growing up my parents hauled me, my two siblings and our dog on a vacation just about every summer. Places like Maine. Tennessee. Idaho. Colorado. Wyoming. Montana. Canadian Rockies. We camped in a pop-up camper pulled by a Chevy van. It's no surprise I love to travel. Traveling for me brings new adventures, memories and experiences and I can't wait to explore!

my faves


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
Gustav Flaubert

Cat person. Dog person. I can't decide. I love them all! Three canines control my life along with two felines. An Australian Shepherd, Border Collie and Wirehaired Dachsund clearly are my focus of attention but there's nothing like a cat in my lap on a winter's day. I love fur babies and if you are an animal lover like me we'll certainly have lot's to talk about!

my faves

Fur babies

Pets. Basically children covered in fur.

I was 10 when my first horse came along and I haven't been without one since! I currently own one horse. He's tall, dark and handsome and gives hugs along with velvety kisses. For sure horses will always be my love and a part of my life.

my faves

Horses of course

"I've often said there's nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse." Ronald Reagan


my why

the heart behind 

what i do

One thing I have learned through life is how valuable a photograph can be. For me, a picture is time captured, an ability to remember forever. There is no greater way to immortalize emotions and preserve moments than with a camera, freezing time. 
You are visiting my website to decide whether or not I will be a photographer you can feel at ease with, to trust my knowledge and how you will benefit from having me photograph you. I truly believe in putting you first and foremost 100%, taking in consideration pictures I create of you and your loved ones are of utmost importance on sentimental, personal and emotional levels. You deserve portraits showcasing your story, holding onto a memory, and not forgetting what it felt like the moment the shutter clicked. 

I like to regard my photography as custom art and an experience my clients will likely treasure for years to come. And while I offer digital files, I realize those who schedule a session with me are those who will desire high quality portraits, canvas wrapped prints or albums to showcase throughout their home. Your best moments shouldn't be left on a hard drive or forgotten about in a drawer. I believe you should surround yourself with what makes you happy so what better way to do this than by filling your home with portraits of your loved ones! Wall collages of your favorite memories. Your beautiful wedding album displayed on your coffee table. A large statement piece such as a beautifully framed gallery wrap of your high school senior. Embrace your perfect photo memories and share your story.