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As I was growing up my parents hauled me, my two siblings and our dog out west just about every summer. Places like Colorado. Wyoming. Montana. Canadian Rockies. We camped in a pop-up camper pulled by a Chevy van. Back when seatbelts weren't required, no AC and the highway speed limit was 55 mph. So many adventures and amazing memories. So it's no surprise I still love the mountains. I LOVE to travel. And love how the smell of pine scented candles and summer campfires bring me to a happy place.

I probably developed a love of photography from my mom. She was our family "photo journalist" growing up. She used film cameras and after our vacations she had our images developed onto slides. Then we would have these neat little slideshows in our basement complete with a noisy projector, white vinyl cloth as a backdrop and a big bowl of popcorn.

2008 I purchased my first "real" digital camera. My kids and our pets became my subjects, teaching me as much as I could about photography. Amy Elisabeth Photography came to be in 2010 when a friend asked me to photograph her son for his senior pictures. She LOVED how they turned out and pushed me to create my own business. Six years later I'm where I am today and couldn't feel more lucky and blessed.
I am originally from Alpena and truly love this sunrise side area of Michigan. My life is shared with my hubby, 3 busy teenagers and a driven college girl along with a flurry of furry critters surrounded by oak and pine trees on 20 acres of paradise.
I am 100% self-taught in photography and have truly found a gift doing what I love; being a photographer.

Thrilled you happened by.

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